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Dawn App is a black technology software specially developed for Royal palace and other similar lottery platforms. It has powerful functions such as cloud computing, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and automatic data collection. During the five-year research and development process, we collected the gameplay, rules, and odds of all lottery types on the Royal palace platform, and wrote them into the Dawn application through formula codes


And designed a unique data collection function and a set of safe and reasonable betting algorithm formulas for it. After the user turns on the operation of Dawn App, it will collect historical data from the platform for 24 hours and transfer it to the database, and perform real-time big data analysis on the collected lottery results then Dawn will strictly implement the set betting formula according to the results of big data analysis.


The three functions of cloud computing, big data analysis, and automatic data collection have laid the foundation for Dawn App to make profit. The use of intelligent AI avoids the emotionality of manual operation and greatly reduces the possibility of loss. The safe and reasonable betting algorithm formula has achieved stable profits for each user!


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